Tips for Travelling Around Australia With Kids

When in Australia you would not have to think twice about finding exciting family fun spots. Australia has got a multitude of interesting and thrilling destinations which would serve equally to all the age groups in your family. The wonderful beach sides, aquariums, museums, sanctuaries, shopping and food spots would thrill your senses and satisfy the appetite for complete family recreation.

Here’s a roundup of some helpful tips on travel and places around Australia: 

  • Australia holds a host of sensational fun spots for complete family to enjoy and make most of the time in Australia.
  • Beaches -  Less crowded beaches with top class facilities for snorkeling, deep sea diving, and various water sports.
Islands And Botanical Gardens

  • Australia has got an array of lovely islands which are ideal for family excursions. These islands are teemed with exotic wildlife and panorama of marine and coastal scenery.
  • You could alternatively spend a day at the botanical gardens which have seasonal highlights for spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • Some have a blooming calendar identifying the varieties of flowers in bloom for different seasons.
  • Theme parks are always fun for kids owing to the variety of water and other activities they provide.
  • Make sure to pack the suitable dresses, accessories like sunscreens, moisturizers etc.

Factory Visits
  • Make time to visit various factories and have fun watching demonstrations. For e.g. Brisbane - The Big Pineapple, Tasmania - Cadburys Chocolate Factory etc.  
  • Kids would enjoy the various demonstrations, hands-on opportunities and a chance to taste the products.

Wildlife Cruises
  • Wild life cruises are simply amazing and would definitely energize your kids.
  • You would get to see animals such as whales, dolphins, penguins as well as other sea birds in their natural habitats.
  • Always keep an eye open for kids while they walk around since animals are always unpredictable.

  •  Australia has a number of fascinating and multi-themed museums.
  •  Museums have different themes and galleries ranging from physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts.
  •  Sydney Children's Museum, The Maritime Museum of Tasmania, Perth - The Perth Mint etc. to name a few.
Wildlife Parks And Aquariums
  •  Sydney-Featherdale Wildlife Park, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Taronga Zoo; Bisbane-Alma Park Zoo, Perth-Perth Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo etc. are few examples
  • The amazing wildlife in zoos and sanctuaries and the exciting animal shows would definitely pep up the kids.

2. Air Services
  • Australia has got a variety of internal and international air services for an easy access to it such as United, Virgin Blue, and Jetstar etc.
  • You could register with them, apply well in advance and avail family travel discounts.
  •  Some air services have flexible facilities like they would allow you to fly into one city and out of another.

 3. Attractive Family Discounts
  • Australia offers a great variety in handy discounts related to family trips be it accommodation, water sports, dining, flights, sports and adventure.
  • Regularly correspond with different agencies and services in Australia so as to keep a track of the available discounts and offers.
  • Go online when looking for attractions or even airport transfers; you should always ask about family rates. It would save a lot money as well as time.

 4. Comfortable Vehicle Renting Rates
  • You could always rent a vehicle if you prefer to drive on your own and provide utmost comfort to your family.
  • The rates for renting a vehicle are quite moderate and easy on pocket. You could choose the type of vehicle and rate according to your needs.
  • Booking online beforehand would further slash down the vehicle budget.
 5. Choosing Tours And Accommodations
Tips for Travelling Around Australia With Kids

  • Choose good and educated guides that serve a particular family or a very small group of people.
  • Australia has got so many excellent tour services like Aboriginal Tours, Tours Western Australia etc.
  • Bargain on rates and family packages.
  • Make sure that the guide plans the tour with less or relevant stops since they tend to include unnecessary stops for shopping, site-seeing etc. adding to the budget.
  • You could alternatively also opt for a farm tour and get to cuddle a koala, throw a boomerang, and watch a sheep shearing show or a ram parade.
  • Choose “serviced apartments” when looking for accommodation while travelling with kids and family. It is a time and money saving option.
  • Go through a few quick travel recipes before you get aboard. This would assist you in catering to ever fluctuating needs of the kids.
  • You could also spend a night at a zoo with the zoo's snooze program.
  • Go for a farm stay if your kids love farms and activities there.
  • Get them engaged in interesting farm activities such as milking the cows, collecting eggs, riding on a tractor and watching sheep dogs at work.

 6. Rail Journeys
  •  Australia provides you with multiple rail travel options which include recreational, fun, and site seeing options as well.
  • Train journeys always suit and appeal to kids; a great way to handle kids on vacations.
  • There are certain provisions for children like children under 16 years of age are entitled to concession fares while infants 3 years and under might travel free.
  • Train options: The Tilt Train, the Spirit of the Outback, the Sunlander, the Westlander, the Inlander, Kuranda Scenic Railway, the Gulflander, the Savannahlander, the Indian Pacific, the Ghan and the Overland.
Australia is mesmerizingly beautiful. God has adorned it with wondrous landscapes and natural beauty. Take time off to admire and explore the beautiful creation of God and feel the breathe of nature. Hope you find useful these helpful tips for travelling around Australia with kids.

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