10 Tips for Students to Save Money for Travelling

If you are a student, do you have to be poor as well?

It’s a cliché, but yes, for most students it cannot be said that they are living the lives of rich and famous. If you are a student who doesn’t have enough money to get through the week, but still keeps on spending on fags and booze without any control, then there is a reason to be worried. We always wish the best for students, which is why we gathered the best 10 strategies that will help them save money.

1. Have some beer before you leave the house

No, we are not advising you to get drunk before you go to class! We are saying that you should have a beer or two before you leave the house on your way to a pub or bar. Students love having fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except that fun can cost a lot of money, especially when you don’t have enough of them.

If you are planning a big night out with your friends, then it would be a wise great idea to get together before you head out to the local pub and drink few beers in the relaxing atmosphere of someone’s home. This will save you a lot of money: just think of the prices in your local pub and compare them with the price of a beer bottle purchased in the corner store. Do you get my point?

2. Delay the purchase of contents insurance

Contents insurance is very important, but you should check your parents’ household policy before you purchase your own insurance. In fact, most household policies include a ‘contents away from home’ section, which may be applicable to your case, or may be extended at a very small cost.

3. If you need some things, get them cheaply!

Being a student doesn’t leave you with much space for luxury. Car boot sales can save your budget at some situations, and you can find really cool stuff there for incredibly low prices. Charity shops are also a great option for students, as they offer super-affordable prices on CDs, DVDs, books, accessories, clothes and many other things.

Have you heard of Freecycles groups? You would be surprised with all the things you could get for free from people who don’t need them anymore. If you do your best in searching for a Freecycle group, you can get your hands on free bicycles, TVs or even laptops.

4. Don’t pay for condoms!

When you are a student, you should not even think about paying for condoms. No, we are not leading you into practicing unprotected sex; we are just saying that you can get condoms for free at family planning clinics and GPs. This will save you a lot of money (of course, depending on your activity). Some family planning clinics also offer free tests on sexually transmitted infections, so make sure to use that opportunity and take care of your health at all times – for free!

5. Save on printing expenses

Being a student means that you will have to print a lot of assignments, and that can get pretty expensive. If you have a fully-stocked printer, you will not only make your student life easier, but you will also become really popular when dissertation panic gets on stage. If you are smart enough, you can charge your fellow students and make some pocket money.

6. Get a job at your favorite store

If you have a favorite shopping chain, you should try to get employed there. If you land such a job opportunity, you will be able to use some cool staff discounts. For example, if you work in a store of the Arcadia Group (which includes Miss Selfridges, Topman, Topshop and more), you will get 20% off at BHS and 25% discount off all merchandise offered in Arcadia Group stores. The staff at The Body Shop, New Look and Republic is even luckier with 50% lower prices on their purchases.

7. Ask for your discounts

Some companies don’t publicize their discounts, but your university card can get you better offers if you just ask for them. Many stores provide student discounts if you ask for them, but you can also use the specialized discount sites that will inform you about all student-friendly stores.

8. Learn how to cook

Eating out costs a lot of money, and sometimes you don’t even have money for a sandwich when you are a student. If you learn how to cook and buy your groceries in bulk, your wallet will be grateful and you will be much healthier as a result.

9. Don’t pay for watching TV

Paying to watch TV programs is ridiculous when you can simply get a cable, connect your laptop to the TV set and arm yourself with some free time to watch a lot of good-quality TV at no expense.

10. Use travel cards

Using the 16-25 Railcard can save you a lot of money. If you travel home and back to campus frequently, then this card will provide you with a third off your rail journeys. Moreover, buying a travel card will also make you eligible for partnership offers, such as holiday and theatre discounts.

Being a student means that you have to do your best to save money, since your parents already have difficulties with the high tuition fees and additional expenses. You can make everyone’s lives easier if you make an effort to make your everyday activities less expensive.

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