Top 5 Natural Attractions of Venezuela

Wondering about the top 5 natural attractions of Venezuela?

Venezuela is an amazing country, yet it's easily one of the most underrated tourist destinations in South America. If you are planning to travel to Venezuela and wondering about natural tourist attractions, you won't be disappointed since Venezuela is home to the world's highest waterfall and the 3rd longest river in America.

Without further ado, the top 5 natural attractions of Venezuela are as follows:

#1 Angel Falls

Angel falls, also referred to as the largest waterfall in the world, contain water falling freely from a height of about 979 meters. It is located in a remote area in Bolivar State in Canaima National Park. 

Visitors traveling around the region will experience many forms of tropical flora and fauna including: Monkeys, Orchid species, Giant anteaters, Pumas, Capybaras and Porcupines.

#2 Parque Nacional Mochima, El Morro

Parque Nacional Mochima or Mochima National Park is located in the States of Sucre and Anzoategui and covers a total of 49,900 marine and coastal habitat i.e. marine in the western side and coastal and marine area in the Mochima Bay. 

Mochima National Park consists of beautiful sandy coves, mountains, and mangroves. Along the coastlines, the park consists of shrubs, grasses, and trees. In the coastal mountains, there are dense green vegetation combined with flora including ferns and orchids. It also features twenty eight species of reptiles and seventy eight species of mammals.

#3 La Isla Margarita

La Isla Margarita is located in the north of the Venezuela coastline and it's without a doubt one of the top 5 natural attractions of Venezuela. La Isla Margarita is a popular tourist attraction site for local and international visitors. It consists if crisp azure waters which reminds visitors of the exotic Bahamas which keeps tourists coming back. 

The Island has many beaches where visitors can relax and enjoy viewing the panoramic nature of the coast line. The Island is home for about 300,000 people especially in the eastern side where there is the shoppers' paradise of Polamar and the capital metro of Asuncion. Visitors normally enjoy the following activities while touring the area: bonefishing, diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.

#4 The Andes

The Andes is found in the western part of Venezuela and occupies a large area as it crosses from the border of Colombia to Caribbean Sea coast. Its ridges are as a result of three major branches; Sierra de La Koulata, Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Santo Doming. 

The northern tip of the Andes consists of many kilometers stretch of small villages where people live traditional lives and the mountains have their foot practically swimming in the sea water. The picturesque city of Merida contains many routes and trails where many tourists enjoy performing many outdoor activities including such as: trekking, hiking and jogging.

#5 The Guiana Highlands

The Guiana Highlands cover almost half of the entire country and contains mesas with many valleys of rivers and canyons. 

The Guiana Highlands have numerous inhabitants, around 1.5 million, with most of them still living traditional lives practicing ancient traditional beliefs. Many visitors would like to visit the place as it is home for many natural resources such as: gold, diamond, iron and bauxite.

Note. it utilizes Electronic System for Travel and Authorization (ESTA) to determine eligibility of the many visitors who travel under the visa waiver program.