5 Reasons to Make Devon your Destination

Whether you’re a keen traveller or simply looking for an ambient setting that you may vacate to; choosing a location isn’t an easy task. There are numerous different locations for every type of holiday, whether you’re into water sports, rock climbing, long walks or partying until dawn; there are a select few locations that possess all of these.

Devon England is one such region that has the ability to cater for all types of holiday, and if that isn’t enough to influence your choice: here are 5 reasons to make Devon your destination.

 5- The History and Culture

Devon is steeped in history and as a result of this has many sites of historical importance. Totnes is of great significance due to its waterway: The River Dart. The River Dart was used as a channel in which the early invaders of the area traversed, it’s believed that Vikings and Pheonician galleys were once present in this area.

4 - The Attractions

Devon is full of attractions, some of these are suitable for children whilst others are appropriate only for an adult audience; however the adventure park in Exeter is appropriate for both adults and children alike. Crealy Adventure Park incorporates animal parks and zoos with outdoor rides and adventure zones to provide a stimulating experience for all ages, the variety of activities available also means that height restrictions aren’t a problem any longer. If you’re a parent or are taking your family away, Crealy Adventure Park is a must see attraction.

3- The Coast

One of my favourite aspects of Devon is the sprawling coast and all its amenities, whether this is kayaking, surfing or even better, wind surfing! I’ve found that the coast is full of possibilities and has a wide range of activities, picnics along the beach are not recommended during windy weather though as it can make for an unpleasant experience; on days like this you’re better off going for a swim taking a few lessons in body boarding. I also love that the beaches in Devon aren’t just sandy shores and the roar of water, instead they’re full of smaller coves and quirky caves.

2- The Scenery

Devon is well known for its natural, awe inspiring landscape, with sheer rock faces and miles of untouched woodland. This is one of the reasons that you should make Devon your destination; unlike many other regions around the United Kingdom, Devon is proud of its beauty and takes great care to enhance this where possible. An example of this is gardens at Rosemoor – these gardens are tended to by the Royal Horticultural Society and span 65 acres; the original gardens were much smaller as they bridged just 8 acres.

1- Local Food & Pub Grub

I’ve never been able to understand why Britain’s pubs have remained in Britain; they’re such wonderful places. I’m not a great fan of ale, lager or bitter but the majority of establishments in Devon will serve a large number of real ales and locally sourced wines; the food that is available will also have been grown or reared locally making the food much fresher. Each and every pub has its own character, but in Devon every character is loveable.

I cannot explain to you the complexity that is Devon and where exactly you should visit, there are so many fascinating landmarks and breath taking settings to choose from; the only way for you to understand the beauty of Devon is for you to visit and experience Devon.
Author:  Karen Orson is a travel and tourism expert from Lynton, England.  Currently working with Highcliffe House, Karen spends a great deal of her time writing about her experiences in Devon and giving advice to those who are considering a visit.

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