Tips on Finding Great Deals on your Travel to London

Searching for great offers while travelling to a megalopolis like London, sometimes, becomes a priority for some travellers as it spares extra money in their pockets to spend. Finding money-saving deals, however, is a daunting task as you as a traveller may get confused on how and where to get economical deals. Given below are some areas where you can avail of wise, money-saving deals while you are planning a trip to London.


There are so many hotel websites where you will find innumerable deals and discounts. Some premier hotel websites like londonhotels4u have come up with the innovative idea of secret London hotels where you can make a booking with a luxury hotel that too at incredibly low prices. Deals like this will greatly cut down your expenses while you are in London.


While you are looking for deals on travel websites, do not forget the smaller ones. The big websites have made themselves omnipresent due to their opulent budget. That does not mean that you will find the best deals for your London travel only there. In fact, sometimes, you will find better deals at the websites that are hiding behind the alleys of glitz. Do remember, however, to crosscheck the claims made by them.


Though it sounds peculiar, yet there indeed are auction websites that sell travel tickets, cruise tickets and other packages to interested customers. Most of the travel companies have non-refundable ticketing system. Thus, in case of trip-cancellation, people try to recover as much money as possible by auctioning off their tickets and other packages. In that case, you may find travel tickets and other deals at a surprisingly low price.

There are auction websites dedicated exclusively to travel auction like skyauction that deals in auctioning tickets, packages and other travel deals.


This is a great way to reduce your travel expenses on your London trip. Many airlines have programs where you can earn free miles, provided you fly by that airline in the future. Also known as Frequent Flyer Program (FPP), airline customers under this scheme accumulate points or miles that can be redeemed in the future. Major airlines provide free miles to major destinations like NYC, London and other big cities.

Apart from this, some hotel chains in London also offer loyalty points. If you are a frequent traveller to London, then enrol yourself with the rewards club and reap the benefits.


Start tracking the flights to London early to get the sense of prices, number of daily flights and airlines that will offer direct or indirect route to your destination. If you are booking an indirect flight then it might cost less. However, delays and a possibility of cancellation of flight can be a disadvantage.

Once you have zeroed in on the airline and the flight, calculate the true cost of your ticket by determining all applicable baggage, meal and other fees. This will give you the best assessment of your ticket cost and help you in planning the trip afterwards accordingly.

Saving money through these tips will go a long way in balancing the budget for your London travel. Take a hint from these ideas and make your visit to London both an unforgettable and economical affair.

Author’s Bio: Surbhi is a travel writer who writes travel related stories for an esteemed travel organization.

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