Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Sri Lanka

Anyone looking for a thrilling location to have fun ought to consider an adventure in Sri Lanka. The picturesque expanse boasts of plentiful sandy beaches, a country side full of gushing rivers, expansive forests that consist of a wide array of wildlife, mountains as well as hills that all complement the beauty of the country.

If you're looking for adventure and excitement, Sri Lanka offers an adrenaline rush environment comprising of breathtaking rivers and waterfalls, beautiful locations to relax and wind down, amazing landscapes to explore, as well as a dynamic culture that the adventurer can interact with to learn new ways of life among others.

You only need to visit Sri Lanka to realize what you are missing out on. The country is surrounded by water with an expansive coastline of about 1600kms. The coastline provides a fertile ground for numerous water sports that visitors can engage in. in addition, there are sun kissed sandy beaches ready for you. The Sri Lankan coast is garnished by impressive palm and bamboo trees.

Although the weather is at times unpredictable, Sri Lanka is close to the Equator therefore presenting distinctive wet and dry seasons. To transverse through the eyeful expanse, trains as well as cars are ideal. You can acquire train tickets online or like some people ride through the tiny footpaths that crisscross the lush country side.

Here it's a list of top 5 outdoor activities in Sri Lanka that tourists engage in while Sri Lanka:

· Enjoy Wildlife and Nature

A walk through the characteristically tall forests of Sri Lanka presents to the adventurer raw scenes of nature at its best. Monkeys swing from tree to tree enchanting anyone in the vicinity. Similarly, wildlife safaris in the numerous Sri Lankan national parks offer an opportunity to catch a glimpse at some of the most adorable wildlife in the world such as leopards, elephants, buffalos, jackals and many more.

· Mountain Biking

Alternatively one can effortlessly discover Sri Lanka by bike. Locations such as national parks, the highlands often spotting lush tea plantations and the dense jungles can all be explored by a bike through the footpaths and other untraveled trails.

· Check out Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage

A visit to some of the Buddhist and Hindu monuments located at Polonnaruwa, the much hyped medieval capital of Sri Lanka is without a doubt stupefying. The ruined fortress at sigiriya plus the neighboring structures are all an eyeful for an explorer.

· Kite surfing

With an expansive coastline of about 1600km, kite surfing is no doubt one of the top 5 outdoor activities in Sri Lanka . You therefore ought to select a suitable beach, buy a comfortable surf board and a kite. Thankfully, several water sports suppliers in Sri Lanka most often than not offer the most up-to-date equipment to be had. That way in addition to the great winds, you’re all set for a kite surfing experience of a lifetime. Other than waiting for the appropriate wind conditions to enjoy the sport, one can select a perfect spot for the sport. The months of January, February and March presents the best conditions for a kite surfing experience.

· Kayaking and water rafting

Sri Lanka is home to more than 100 rivers. Most rivers have characteristically fast rapids which are ideal for white water rafting. Adrenaline rush seekers can engage in activities such as rock climbing as well as cafe trekking.

There are endless fun activities that can be enjoyed in Sri Lanka. Pay the beautiful country a visit to enjoy the thrill.

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