Traveling to Norway for the First Time

Norway is undoubtedly by any standard, one of the most beautiful countries in the world that provides shelter to 5 million people which makes it second least densely populated country in the world. It is not only easily accessible, safe and beautiful but also offers great value for money. The country has an astonishing natural abundance where all the four seasons are filled with contrasts. Even in the cities one can feel close to nature and enjoy the silence powered by nature.

Leave the stress at home and come to Norway as the country offers thrilling outdoor sports in summers as well as in winters. When traveling to Norway for the first time, you can expect awe-inspiring landscapes, great outdoor activities and fresh air can work wonders on a holiday trip. Vast forested areas are found in Eastern Norway and in Trondelag, where a long stretch of pristinely beautiful beaches along the southern and northernmost coasts.

Norway is a country of endless rivers and powerful waterfalls which make the natural scene of country even more alluring. The country boasts twenty one national parks provide nature lovers a great opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature and make the country a good place for bird watching. So make a plan now and fly to Norway to explore scenic beauty of place and to enjoy one of the most beautiful holidays in world’s most alluring destination.

The Vigelandsparke Sculpture Park

When traveling to Norway for the first time, one of the absolute must sees is the Vigelandsparke Sculpture Park in Oslo. Also known as Frognerparken, the Vigelandsparke Sculpture Park is one of the most popular places to meet people living in Oslo. In summers you’ll find thousands of Norwegians enjoying lunches on the grass, or playing hide and seek within the sculptures.
The Vigelandsparke Sculpture Park is filled with over 200 bronze/ granite sculptures, including the famous Monolith, which is a column over 10 meters tall and carved in single stone. It has 121 human figures which has many interpretations. 

Also, don’t miss a visit to Vigeland Museum which is a sculpture museum located in the studio and home to sculptor Gustav Vigeland. This beautiful structure is one of the best models of 18th century architecture in Norway.

The Norwegian Opera and Ballet

The marble and glass building in Bjørvika which is a home to Norwegian Opera and Ballet is a piece of art in its own right. 

Officially opened to the public in 2008, the Norwegian Opera and Ballet took five years to complete. It sits on the banks of Bjørvika district near the stock exchange and central station, it is the largest cultural building built in Norway and is a new landmark of Oslo. From classic to world premiere of renowned Norwegian works to the internationally acclaimed big concerts, Oslo Opera House aims to bring culture to wider audiences.

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is among the must visit attractions of Norway. It is the national museum for technology, industry, science and medicine and has over 20 permanent and temporary exhibitions about oil, energy, industry, airplanes, cars, medicine etc. 

It is a great place for curious minds to explore various natural phenomenons, theories of science, mathematics and universe etc. To explore all this beauty and wonders of science make a plan and grab best deal discounted business class flights to Oslo and enjoy one of the fantastic holidays of your life.

Trysil Ski Resort

Those who love adventure, they just can’t afford to Miss Trysil which is Norway’s largest ski resort with 66 slopes and 31 lifts. It is a complete family friendly holiday destination where one can enjoy hiking, white water rafting, fishing, golf, wildlife safaris etc.

Rock carvings in Alta

This UNESCO preserved site is an interesting place to visit. It consists of a group of rock carvings in Northern Norway which bears the traces of settlement dating back to 4200 to 500 BC. The site constitutes the most important piece of evidence documenting the existence of human activity on the fringes of the Far north in pre historic times.

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