Visiting Romania for the First Time

Romania a beautiful country located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea is a dynamic nation rich in history, art and scenic beauty that will surely take your breath away.
Romania is a country which is truly blessed by graciousness of Mother Nature and thus is one of the most authentic picturesque landscapes in Europe. Among all, one of the best reasons for visiting Romania for the first time is its people. Romanians are open, friendly and proud of their history and eager to share it with others.

Make a plan and fly to Romania to enjoy a visit to a country of fortified churches, painted monasteries, jaw–dropping castles, self sufficient villages, and old-world folk tales along with many architectural treasures and experience its vibrant and flourishing art scene which is difficult to describe in words. The country offers many opportunities for enjoying a splendid holiday experience whether you are looking for something more adventurous or for a cultural experience, Romania won’t disappoint you.

Breathtaking Bucharest

When visiting Romania for the first time, the city of Bucharest will be the place where you'll most likely arrive. Bucharest is the capital and most important industrial and commercial center of country is one of the largest cities in southeastern Europe that provides shelter to over 2 million people. 

Bucharest is a booming city with many large infrastructure projects changing the face of city and makes it an interesting mix of old and new. Known as “The Little Paris”, it is a home to Romania’s splendid architecture. Cantacuzino Palace is one of city’s most beautiful buildings designed in French baroque style. 

Enjoy a visit to Arc de Triomphe which was built in 1922 in honor of Romanian soldiers who fought the world war I. Reach the top of Arc and enjoy the panoramic views of city. Don’t miss a visit to Palace of Parliament which is one of the most costly and extravagant buildings in the world and is the second largest building on the planet earth based on surface area. 

The city of Bucharest is quickly becoming a top European destination because of its vivacious party scene. Bucharest has a good selection of bars and restaurants around the lake Herăstrău Park. Kristal Glam is a good choice for quality dance and music and has regular appearance of international DJ’s. So get ready for all this and much more by booking low price flights to Bucharest and rest assure you’ll never come across even a single dull moment.

Enjoy hiking in Carpathian Mountains

Great diversity and wilderness of Carpathian landscape provides you wonderful options to enjoy hiking. 
Choose the trails that will take you to the highest peaks in southern Carpathians or follow the trails to reach numerous beautiful glacial lakes from Retezat National Park. If you love adventure then head north for volcanic mountains from Calimani National Park or cross the longest lime ridge of Carpathians in Piatra Craiului National Park. The whole experience is just too good to describe.

Magnificent Romanian Athenaeum

The Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most inspiring concert halls of Romania and is one of the most amazing buildings in the world. Opened in 1888, it was a home to Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and George Enescu festival. The building was designed by a French architect Albert Galleron and revised by group of Romanian specialists. 

The Romanian Athenaeum has 40 m high dome and 12 Doric columns that reminds of famous Greek temples. Inside the building there is a 70 meter long and 3 meter wide fresco illustrating the most important moments in Romanian history. The auditorium has 600 seats along with 52 seats in loggias. In front of Romanian Athenaeum you will see a tiny park with a statue of Mihai Eminescu, who is the most famous Romanian poet to date.

Don’t miss Brasov

Fringed by peaks of southern Carpathian Mountains it is full of Gothic and baroque architecture, Brasov has a beautiful old town, renaissance architecture and a stunning number of historical tourist attractions which makes it an interesting place to visit.

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