A New Year in Norway: Exploring Tromso and Oslo

By Peter Smith

The beautiful country of Norway celebrates New Year’s Eve on December 31, after the Georgian calendar. There are lots of formal events and parties during that time, as well as a spectacular firework show and a festive ambiance in most people’s homes. Upon the arrival of the New Year, many residents organize their own firework show at home, or in the street. If you’re a traveler in Norway, and you’re spending the end of the year in the main cities – Tromso, Oslo – you should be prepared to see the cities light up at midnight. Here are some other entertaining activities you can engage in while in Norway for the New Year.

Gaze at the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is considered one of the world’s most exquisite phenomena. Bright and mysterious, the show can be seen throughout the winter season, including on the New Year’s Eve. However, you should have a car prepared in advance; check the weather conditions (the sky should be clear, with no wind), and don’t forget your camera. Drive as far north as you can, far away from the city lights and you could enjoy the most beautiful firework show that can last for hours.

Starting from the magnificent mountainous landscape of Lofoten Islands to the vivid city of Tromso and the fjord coastline that stretches all the way to the North Cape, there’s no doubt that the northern side of Norway is like a wonderland for international travelers.

Book a tour of Tromso

Tromso is a wonder city, and spending the New Year here will be like a dream come true; there are lots of pubs and clubs where you can go to have the best time, as well as numerous restaurants and hotel venues. Packed with respected universities, cultural bashes, and midnight-sun marathons, Tromso will surely exceed all your expectations. Located at 400km from the Arctic Circle, the weather gets really cold in December; nonetheless, there are still plenty of fun activities you can try out.

Book a tour and check out the fjords, visit Lapland, or enjoy an unforgettable experience with the whole family at Polaria. The Arctic-themed center is an excellent chance to see the Northern Lights, too; even though it’s not the real deal, the reproduced version is just as good.

Explore the wonders of Oslo

Oslo is famous for its wooden territories and spectacular fjords. The capital city is defined by a mesmerizing architectural combination of old and new, so if you’re here on New Year’s Eve, you’ll witness a magnificent display of lights spread around the metropolis. If the weather’s nice, explore Oslo on foot. There are many international museums to check out, as well as a lively nightlife with plenty of entertaining pubs and clubs for tourists.

The National Gallery and Holmenkollen Ski Museum should definitely be included on your itinerary. As for Oslo’s entertainment venues, you should know that the capital has a rapidly-growing bar and café culture; there are lots of restaurants, pubs and clubs in the city centre. However, if you’re thinking of spending the New Year in one of them, make sure to call in advance to make a reservation.

What’s interesting about Oslo is that its residents love to leave behind the craziness of the city and escape into the wild. Many locals are avid sailors, skiers, and hikers; they often spend their weekends away from the hustle and bustle of Oslo. The capital is known as Europe’s largest cities in terms of square kilometers (450) but one of the smallest in terms of population density. Hence, you’ll come across superb mountain resorts located within the city limits.

Spending the New Year in Norway can be an unforgettable experience. The country is packed with exceptional capital cities and lots of great activities you can try out. Apart from traditional winter activities, Norway has the northern lights. The show won’t just make your New Year brighter; it will turn it into a memorable event. Pack your bags and prepare yourself for a freezing but terrific winter escapade to Northern Europe. The whole journey will be worth every penny, not just for the attractions, but also for the magnificent landscapes and all-natural sceneries.

By Peter Smith and BalticTravelCompany.com!

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