Spots in Norway to Catch a Glimpse of the Midnight Sun

The axis of the Earth and its trajectory around the sun is what causes the midnight sun. The phenomenon is truly breathtaking, especially up north, in Scandinavia. In the summer, the sun never fully sets, which means you’ll have the chance to admire it 24 hours per day. Also known as “polar days”, the midnight sun is often compared to a sunset or twilight. The sun’s level of brightness is reddish-yellow with low radiance. The months of June and July are the best periods to catch a glimpse of the midnight sun, although if you’re backpacking and you can advance further north, you can still see the phenomenon from May to August as well. Here are a few travel spots in Norway where the midnight sun shines the brightest.

The North Cape

The North Cape is an excellent spot to see the midnight sun. Even though the view from along the coast is rather foggy in the summer, if you turn your head towards the horizon, you’ll catch the show in the most perfect stage. Even though there aren’t many attractions onsite, the natural surroundings and beautiful wildlife will leave you speechless. The North Cape is an ideal travel spot for hikers and backpackers; it’s rugged and unspoiled, perfect for a summer escapade in pursuit of the midnight sun.

The Svalbard Islands

On this beautiful archipelago, travelers will have the chance to admire vast icebergs, endless waves, and of course, the most enticing midnight sun from April through August. In spite of its isolated position, the Svalbard Islands are becoming a popular tourist spot because of its spectacular wildlife and dramatic nature. There are many activities you can engage in while here, such as: hiking the Svalbard mountains, admiring the polar bears, walking through the glaciers, dog sledging under the midnight sun, and more.


Featuring roughly 50,000 inhabitants, Bodø is a beautiful seaside city where the midnight sun makes an entrance from June to July. Sleeping at night in Bodø can be challenging, because the sun shines really bright all night long. There are lots of interesting things you can do while here, such as exploring the Norwegian Aviation Museum, or renting a ferry and explore the superb island of Landegode.


Featuring a wealth of urban attractions, Tromsø is a compact city with all sorts of hotels, restaurants, spas and architectural delights. While here, stop by the Polaria Aquarium near the waterfront. As for the midnight sun, there are various tours operators that promise unforgettable experiences. Plan your visit from May through July if you want to see the spectacular phenomenon, and you’ll have the best summer vacation in Norway.

The Lofoten Islands

This surreal group of islands positioned off the coast highlights amazing scenery of the Norwegian fjords. To experience the vivid surroundings, visit Lofoten by car; there are lots of ferries and bridges that connect the islands. As for activities you can enjoy while here, how about some golf in the middle of the night without any artificial lighting? If you’re a mountain lover, engage in a hiking adventure and admire the most impressive scenery from the top. The best time of the year to admire the midnight sun in the Lofoten Islands is from May through July.


Hammerfest is one of Norway’s most remote cities. Positioned up north, you can see the midnight sun throughout the entire summer season, from June through September. The sun almost never goes down in the summer. That’s mainly because of the flat trajectory of the sun across the horizon. During a period of 24 hours, 20+ hours is pure sunlight. Even though the city doesn’t offer a lot of activities, hikers will certainly appreciate the wilderness and the peaceful surroundings.
Norway is breathtaking country to explore. Whether you’re traveling in the summer to catch the midnight sun, or in the winter to hunt for the Northern Lights, we must admit that Norway’s beauties are immeasurable. The wildlife, the fjords, the attractions, and ultimately, the welcoming people, should convince you to come see this fascinating country. Its midnight sun is exceptional, alluring and of course, romantic. So if you’re thinking of proposing to your sweetheart, there’s no better place like Norway.

By Peter Smith and!

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