Most Beautiful Cities to Explore in Scandinavia

Whenever we refer to the Nordic Countries and Scandinavia, people believe it is the exact same thing. It’s not. The Nordic Countries represent all the nations and islands situated up north of Europe, which also includes the Jutland and the Scandinavian Peninsula, the islands positioned offshore from Northern Europe’s mainland, and the east side of the Baltic plane. As a result, Scandinavia with its beautiful, stunning fjords, lakes and mountains only comprises three countries – Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Here are some of the most enticing cities you should explore while here.


Norway’s capital Oslo is a fascinating metropolis that still preserves a feel of small fishing town. Magnificent from every angle, Oslo is dominated by skyscrapers and German architecture. It packs a vibrant atmosphere and it possesses a natural beauty that very few other European cities hold. The city’s wilderness is overwhelming, and from this perspective we can say that Oslo’s unique. Tourists will benefit from a wealth of outdoor activities while here, including hiking, kayaking, sailing, trekking, and more.


Stockholm may not be as famous as the other capital cities of Europe, but it’s still a city worth checking out. The Swedish capital benefits from an amazing reputation. It is sophisticated, alluring and peculiarly located on a puzzling archipelago with 14 little islets. Stockholm’s lovely Old Town packs superb castles and medieval alleys. Tourists will find here a large collection of museums, numerous parks, and exquisite architecture. The city’s vibrant nightlife blends with the old-fashioned allure of the surrounding buildings, thus making Stockholm one of the greatest metropolises to visit in Northern Europe.


Copenhagen lies on the islands of Amager and Zeeland. It is the capital of beautiful Denmark, and one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. Elegant, hip and stylish, the city packs remarkable galleries and museums. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous and the charming canals will entice all kinds of travelers. Stop by the fairytale-like old centre of Copenhagen and check out the trendy cafes and the beautiful parks. Explore the longest and most diverse shopping street in Europe and at the end of the day let yourself immersed in one of Europe’s finest amusement parks, Tivoli.


Aarhus is beautifully located on the eastern side of Jutland Peninsula, and it is a main port in Denmark. It comprises lovely beaches, lakes and woodlands, and it lures tourists in with mystical historical buildings from bygone epochs. In spite of the old-fashioned charm, Aarhus is a modern city with excellent people and soothing ambiances. While here, tourists can find out more about the multicultural vibe that dominates the city, and its Viking traditions.


In spite of having a reputation for being a rainy city, Bergen is gorgeous. It faces the Byfjorden fjord and it packs a natural grandeur very few European cities possess. Bergen is the second largest city of Norway, and it has a wonderful old-fashioned allure that will dazzle its travelers. The wooden houses dominate the city’s waterfront, and the abundant vegetation helps create a scenic journey you’ll never forget.


Apart from being an entryway to superb landscapes of Western Sweden, Gothenburg is a lovely metropolis full of inspiring architecture, amazing parks and varied culture. Tourists will be overwhelmed by the multitude of open-air museums, cafes and twisting canals. As for activities you can do while here, there are many boat trips available outside the city’s coastline.


Last but not least, we have Malmo, Sweden’s former capital and a city surrounded by pretty gardens, century-old houses and charming squares packed with welcoming coffee shops. Malmo’s delightful brick houses and colorful buildings make it appear original and truly enticing. Steeped in history, green, and vibrant, Malmo is a port city where voyageurs can take advantage of a wealth of activities, including shopping, trekking, beach walking, and nature spotting and exploring.
Scandinavia has some pretty amazing cities. As an avid tourist in Northern Europe you should be prepared to be amazed. The urban centers we mentioned above are among the most beautiful; but there are others. The peninsula is such an amazing travel spot. Check it out in the warm season when the vegetation is in full bloom, and part of your soul will want to stay here for eternity.

By Peter Smith and!

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