Top 8 Most Romantic Getaway Ideas in Australia

Your holiday does not have to involve hundreds of other tourists, busy streets, and long lines for everything you want to explore. Things can be very simple and tailored for a couple looking for a beautiful place to celebrate their relationship. Look no further than Australia, where you can organize your trip in a way that makes your holiday with your loved one a proper getaway. Here are some of the perfect places for a romantic getaway when Australia is on your bucket list.

The Catamaran Experience of the Whitsunday Island

The magical white sand and the translucent waters of the Whitsunday beach on the Whitsunday Island is a beautiful place to start a new adventure with your spouse. It is worth your while and the tranquility of this amazing island is what makes it so perfect.

You do not have to worry about this place being crowded, as it is always very peaceful. A wonderful idea is to go on a scuba diving trip for a day; preferably on a catamaran. It will be a day full of romance, adventure, wine, and marine life.

Back to Nature in the Daintree Rainforest The very fact that you are at one of the oldest living rainforests in the world is enough for you and your loved one to feel special. This is a perfect place to grab each other’s hand and go exploring. Hiking and exciting tours will allow you to spot several interesting plants and animals that will fill your days with wonder.

To make things even more exciting, you can arrange for an accommodation in one of the Daintree Rainforest tree houses.

The Ultimate Experience of Uluru

This stunning rock formation is like no other place on Earth. The name itself means ‘shadowy place’. It is the sacred place of the Aborigines.

The best way to explore it and truly enjoy it is to take a tour by the Aboriginal tour guides and spend a day exploring this natural wonder. The colors that it changes from morning till sunset will leave you in awe.

Hidden Gems among the Sydney Beaches

Thousands of beaches in the Sydney area are all at your disposal. However, there is a good reason why people go to have fun at Manly or Bondi. Bronte is for those that love the company of others but still prefer to have enough space for themselves.

However, people choose smaller and more secluded beaches for their beach wedding venues in Sydney. The most commonly used is the Fisherman’s beach that has a cute, small beach and a nearby golf club that can cater for a wedding. The Milk Beach is an isolated beach nearby the Strickland House. It can host only a small wedding party, but it makes a perfect picnic place for couples.

The Serenity of the Lord Howe Island

This secluded paradise is perfect for a romantic getaway. On the entire island, there are never more than 400 people at a time. This ensures a peaceful place away from any huge crowds.

Kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and even cycling are available on this island. However, a nice idea is to spend a lovely and relaxing day chuckling together on the Neds beach, hand-feeding the colorful fish.

The Indian Ocean and the Lake of Fraser Island

One of the most interesting things to do at Fraser Island is, actually, to go camping. However, if you decide to do that, you need to make sure you are aware of all the rules of the camp.

Fraser Island is perfect for those that like to fish or swim. These two activities are on the ‘to do’ list on this island. If you are not so sure about those sharks in the ocean water, there is a lovely Lake Wabby in which you may prefer instead.

The Bedarra Island Gorgeous Villas

Bedarra Island is famous for being a perfect place for honeymooners. Just like all the lovely, tropical islands, it has a wide range of activities to offer. Swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or good-old relaxing on the beach are all at your disposal.

To make this a truly romantic trip, make sure that you have a great accommodation. To spoil yourself and your loved one, book an all-inclusive room in one of the beach houses. Choose among those that are a bit secluded for some extra privacy.

Luxury Glamping at Sal Salis

Camping tents on the Sal Salis are not your regular tents. These are a bit luxurious as they come with solid beds and even bathrooms. You can have catering in your tent if you like, as well.

This is what makes Sal Salis the perfect glamping place. Also, the best spot for glamping is on the Ningaloo Reef, so have that in mind when searching for accommodations.

These eight destinations are all different and special in their own way. Their common nominator is the fact that they are all in Australia and that they are absolutely perfect for any romantic getaway. Pick the option that you like the best and allow Australia to amaze you both.

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