Nine Things to Consider When Planning Your Dream Trek in the Himalayas

Are you one of the numerous people dreaming of one day getting up on the Himalayas during the adventure of your life? Then you should know that since the first ascent of Mount Everest 63 years ago this has become much more accessible to trekkers. What seemed to be impossible in the past is now still a serious challenge but something you can definitely achieve with proper planning. Discover below the most important nine things to consider when planning your dream trek in the Himalayas.

1. Decide on the Type of Trek to Engage In

The first decision you will have to take regarding the planned trekking experience in the Himalayas refers to the type of adventure you should plan for yourself. It is not necessarily about your taste in this regard but more about your knowledge, skills and experience in the mountains. You can organize the trek with the help of an outfitter or engage in a DIY type of experience.

The latter option is only for those who know their way around the mountains, have had previous similar experiences and can survive up there even when things get worse. It should be all about enjoying the experience rather than trying to prove something to yourself. Make a well-informed decision at this stage because it will definitely impact the overall results of your next amazing trip in the mountains.

2. Should You Go There with a Guide or a Porter?

In case you have chosen the DIY experience in the Himalayas, it is now time for you to choose between a guide and a porter. Do It Yourself type of experiences still need some guidance maybe even more than organized group activities. The difference between a porter and a guide relies on knowledge.

Whereas the first one will do a great job carrying your luggage up to the mountain, the guide will ensure you actually get where you have planned to go. Professional guides have a wide mountain experience, are capable of ensuring first-aid training and everything is proven by a proper certification. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

3. Proper Knowledge of High Altitude Is a Must

You cannot just wake up one morning and imagine yourself being on the Himalayas by evening. You need proper knowledge and some experience for this out-of-the-ordinary type of trekking adventure. Do some research about altitude and make sure you comply with all requirements before engaging in the new experience.

4. The Value of Weather Forecasts

Weather on the mountains is totally different from what we experience in cities. It can chance in seconds and when this happens you feel it with all your body. It is highly recommended to do some research about theweather as well and follow the weather forecasts for the specific period you have chosen for your new adventure.

5. Establish Proper Communication Channels

Communication on the mountain is sometimes much more challenging that one might expect. You may have a smartphone, but the tech world has different rules up in the Himalayas. As a result, you should know that there is not a real alternative to a satellite phone in this case. The good news is that you can rent these with prepaid minutes for low costs now, so problem solved.

6. No Trek without a Medical Kit

Tourists should never adventure in the mountains without some medical knowledge in terms of first-aid and a proper medical kit. Trekking in the Himalayas is not like walking in the park. No medical teams there and maybe not even a single person to meet for a long time. You are on your own there so make sure you bring a medical kit with you and know how to take advantage of it just in case you need it.

7. Come Well-Equipped for the Adventure

When you consider a Mount Everest type of experience, you cannot simply go there and hope that things will work out. It is a great, thrilling trekking adventure that will take your breath away every step you take. However, it can only be a pleasant experience when you go there well-equipped. No shops or medical centers on the road. All you need should be in your backpack.

8. Good Research Ensures a Good Trekking Experience

When you want to engage in an amazing new adventure that will keep your heart rate up all the way up to the highest mountain picks,you must do some research beforehand. Read how others have undergone such experiences and learn from their mistakes. This will get you up there safe and make feel more proud of yourself than ever.

9. The Global Rescue Adventure

In case you have not yet found a way of making this trekking experience available for you, it might be time to consider engaging in the Global Rescue adventure. This will allow you to go through this with people that have the same goals as you and come back home certain that you have just lived the best experience of your life. By Peter Smith and!