Warsaw: Is it the latest classic destination to visit in Eastern Europe?

When you visit Poland, you can’t afford to skip out its capital city, which indeed has plenty stories to tell. The medieval city of Warsaw, which is also the country’s most inhabited with 1.7 million residents, is currently the center for Poland’s commerce, tourism and history. A distinct feature of the city is its diverse architecture which beautifully combines postwar era structures and modern edifice. The architectural mix can be explained by the destruction that took place in the country during the end of World War II. At that time, the city was destroyed completely by the German Nazis. Over the years, the city has managed to rise and restore its former glory.

Nowadays, it has a few of the old structures intact with some monuments and historic districts serving as points of interests for history buffs. The city also boasts of exciting modern landmarks, excellent restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. Here are some of the top attractions worth checking out during your trip to Warsaw.

Old Town

Strolling along the streets of the Old Town gives you a peek of what it was like to live in Warsaw during the early years. The streets are dotted with Renaissance buildings, ancient courtyards, and historic statues. However, it’s important to know that since most of the Old Town’s original structures were destroyed during the World War, what you’ll see here are products of city restoration projects. Still, with its unique charm, historic feel, and relaxing atmosphere, the place surely provides a good break from the bustling city center.

The Royal Route Stunning sights can be seen while walking along the Royal Route. Aptly named, the route is filled with historic landmarks such as castles that used to serve as home for royal families. The first stops for most tourists are the Royal Castle and the Castle Square. Other places to see include Presidential Palace,

Foksal Street, Square of the Three Kings, New World Street, St. Anne’s Church, Kazimierz Palace, Ujazdów Castle, and Wilanow.
Warsaw Rising Museum

In August 1944, the Polish resistance army under the Operation Tempest sought out to liberate Warsaw from the German Nazis. For 63 days, they battled against the Germans with little support from their allies only to be defeated in the end. In 2004, the Warsaw Rising Museum was opened as tribute for what is considered the “largest single military effort...by any European resistance movement during the World War II”. The museum houses an extensive collection of war memorabilia such as photographs, interactive displays and video footage. On the Memorial Wall, you’ll see the names of the 10,000 people who perished during the uprising.

Lazienki Park

Take a breather from the heart-wrenching historical glimpses and visit the Lazienki Park, Warsaw’s very own green respite. It’s where people go to if they want some peace and quiet in the city. Like any other city park, it has a stunning lake, some clusters of trees, under which you could have a picnic, an amphitheater where concerts are held, and many other interesting attractions.
Chopin Museum

Polish pianist and composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin was Warsaw’s most famous resident. It was where he studied music and even held some of his first concerts. Many places in the city commemorate his genius talent. One of these is the Chopin Museum, which is where you’ll find the largest collection of Chopin memorabilia. The museum was renovated in 2010 to mark his 200th birthday.

Featured in this list are some of Warsaw’s top attractions, but of course, your trip should not be limited to these. Other destinations worth considering for your vacation are the Copernicus Science Centre, PGE National Stadium, The Vistula, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, National Museum in Warsaw, and Palace of Culture and Science.

In the mood for a classic trip to Europe? Well then, a holiday to Poland might just be what you need to relax. The country’s history, customs and traditions, and welcoming people will surely appeal to all your senses. Warsaw, in particular, is outstanding. The architectural wonders spread everywhere, and the cultural attractions make the city unique and genuine in every sense of the word.