Looking for spring break cruises – tips to help you plan your next cruise

Planning a spring break cruise is a lot easier than meets the eye. Such unique, fun, and memorable trips are highly preferred by teens and college students eager to let loose following their mid-term exams. There are lots of amazing destinations you can choose, both within your home country and overseas. Before packing your bags though, you might want to have a plan in mind. Preparation is the key to having an unforgettable spring break cruise vacation. Here are some tips to help ensure you don’t come back home penniless.

Deciding on a cruise line

Spring break with your closest friends and spring break with your loved ones are two different types of vacations. Before deciding on a cruise line, you have to know as much information as possible about the services they advertise. Perform a thorough research before getting started, and then narrow down your choices by checking cruise reviews from past customers. This way you’ll be able to understand the company a bit better. Client satisfaction is very important, as the whole purpose of the trip is to have fun and not worry about anything else.

Decide on a spending limit

The next thing to do is settle on a spending limit. Cruising the ocean doesn’t mean you won’t have expenses, and after a couple of Mai Tais and a stop in a fancy port, swiping your credit card to buy all kinds of things becomes incredibly easy. If you’re worried about wasting cash, the smartest thing to do is have a spending limit. On board, you will still have to swipe a card to buy drinks, food, gamble at the casino, and check into the spa for a relating massage. Sadly, when your card has a limit, if you run out of cash no additional charges are allowed. Set a limit before departure, and have a daily spending ratio to make sure you don’t overspend.

On spring break, cruise trips can get very crowded. If you don’t book your place in advance, you might end up paying a lot more, not to mention that you may come across sold out tickets. Rather than take that risk and watch your friends’ photos from their cruise on Facebook, it’s best to make reservations ahead of time. Also, as soon as your trip has been booked, get to know what services on the ship can be reserved, too. For example, you can book a massage, meal at a restaurant, etc. You are advised to make reservations even when the services are free of charge.

Make plans for port excursions with others

Cruises are trips that should be spent with as many people as possible, especially if you’re in your 20s and you want to have fun. If you want to party like a maniac on a beach when the ship is ashore, consult with your peers in advance, and make plans to meet with them. Many ships stop in ports with beautiful beaches, restaurants, and cabanas. Ask around and find out where the biggest crowd is going.

However, if you just want to relax and be alone with a loved one, you can just rent a car and explore the premises. Read about the places your ship will dock, and check to see if they have a travel guide that sets group excursions. Book your place in advance, and have the best time of your life!
Pack proper clothing

Whenever we think of a cruise, we immediately imagine the ocean, warm weather, and lots of sun. Pack proper clothes, but remember that you might also have to deal with unexpected weather conditions. Apart from bikinis, hats and sunscreen, add a sweater or jacket for rainy days. Furthermore, you might need an extra pair of shoes that are not flip-flops. Pack sneakers, too, as in some ports you may come across hills and mountains. Hiking in flip-flops can be dangerous!

Whether you’re cruising the Caribbean or circling around the Greek Islands on spring break, it’s very important to plan your trip accordingly. A cruise is totally different from a conventional holiday to Poland, for example. At sea, everything is different – the scenery, the amenities, the activities. Make your trip memorable by crafting a plan to help you make the most of every second.