Places to visit in Vermont

Places to visit in Vermont
Most Beautiful places in Vermont
Looking for interesting places to visit in Vermont?

Vermont is one of the most laid back states in New England and one of the best destinations in November and best places to see fall foliage.

If you're looking to travel to Vermont, the state boasts a calm vibe, charming buildings and friendly locals.

There are literary hundreds of picturesque places to visit in Vermont to list them all here, but to name some, I listed my favourite places to visit in Vermont that I like the most:


Bennington is located south of Vermont and it is one of my top places to visit in Vermont because of the majestic Green Mountain National Forest which offers a myriad of outdoor opportunities for hikers and wildlife lovers.

Apart from the Green Mountain National Forest, other great places to visit in the town of Bennington Vermont include the Grandma Moses museum, the Bennington monument and the Park-McCullough House which is a 19th century Victorian mansion.


If you love water sports and are looking for a pleasant vacation spot, Burlington Vermont is one of the most popular summer vacation spots in New England. The city boasts a great shopping scene, vibrant night-life and a mile-long promenade where you can take relaxing scenic strolls.

St Johnsbury

If you’re looking for fun places to visit in Vermont that everyone can enjoy, the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium and the Maple Grove Museum are two great places to visit in Vermont with the whole family.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’d definitely love the Maple Grove museum, as it offers guided tours of the Maple candy factory which include tasting all kinds of maple syrup goodies and maple candies.


Shelburne is one of my favorite places to visit in Vermont because of Shelburne Farms. This place is a fun spot for everyone to hang out and learn about the running of a farm. You also get to enjoy fun activities like cow milking and egg picking.

Apart from Shelburne Farms, the town is home to the Shelburne Museum where you can check out traditional American artefacts, and the ever so popular Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

The Teddy Bear Company offers interesting tours where you get to see how factory staff make the popular handmade bears. Also, if you’re a collector of bears, this is one place you shouldn't miss out!


Home to the New England Maple Museum, Pittsford is another of favorite places to visit in Vermont because of this lovely maple syrup museum.

The New England Maple Museum is actually the largest maple syrup museum in the world and a great place to learn the process of making syrup and tasting yummy maple syrup products.


Lake Champlain is one of the most famed bodies of water in the United States, and what better place to learn about Lake Champlain than at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vergennes.

The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is one of the best places to go in Vermont to learn about boat-building techniques and boating history. There is also a replica War Ship right at the museum that you're allowed to explore.


The Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich is definitely one of the most popular places to visit in Vermont if you have little ones traveling with you.

This museum boasts many hands-on activities on space and nature, as well as lovely grounds where you can take your family for a stroll and enjoy a picnic.

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