Vacation Spots in Washington State

Looking for a list of some of the best vacation spots in Washington State?

Vacation Spots in Washington State

Apart from being one of the best vacation spots in May for travelers looking to enjoy a Spring Break time vacation, Washington State truly offers best of both worlds in terms of many outdoor opportunities, fun and cultural attractions.

If you are planning a trip to the ‘Evergreen State’ and are looking for suggestions on popular vacation spots in Washington State, find out below three of these destinations:
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1. Seattle WA

Seattle WA is the largest and most populous city in the state and also one of the most popular vacation spots in Washington State due to its close proximity to the Olympic peninsula and Vancouver BC Canada (around two hours drive along Interstate 5).

2. Port Angeles WA

If you are a true outdoor enthusiast, Port Angeles WA is just 8 miles from the popular Olympic National Park where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and biking.

Port Angeles WA is also a port city and it is only a short ferry ride from the Canadian city of Victoria BC Canada.

3. Tacoma WA

If you are looking for a vacation spot in Washington State that offers similar opportunities to Seattle but in a more relaxed atmosphere and with cheaper hotel accommodation, Tacoma Washington State is your best bet.

Apart from being only half-hour drive away from Seattle WA, the city offers also plenty of city and outdoor attractions, and it is not far from the Olympic National Park.

Interesting Facts about Washington

- Washington State was named in honor of George Washington, who was the country’s first ever president.

- Washington State is also known as the ‘Evergreen State’

- Washington State is the only US state named after a US President

- More than 40% of Washington State is covered by contrasting landscapes that include rain forests, mountainous areas and semi-desert areas

- Washington State is bordered by the province of British Columbia Canada in the north, Idaho in the east, and the state of Oregon in the south.

- The state is home to five active volcanoes which include Mount St. Helens, which erupted last in the 80’s.

- Mount Rainier is the largest mountain in Washington State

- The state is home to three national parks, nine national forests, over twenty wildlife refuges and over thirty wilderness protected areas.

- The rainy months run between September and February, while dry season runs between March and August.

- Washington State is the head quarters of Microsoft as well as home of computer software chairman Bill Gates.

- Washington State is home to the largest ferry system in the United States, and some of the longest floating bridges in the world

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