Southern Ontario Vacation Spots

Looking for popular southern Ontario vacation spots?

Southern Ontario Canada is truly an amazing place to explore all year round, and enjoy fun outdoor activities with friends and family. Three of the most popular southern Ontario vacation spots include:

Ottawa Canada

Ottawa Canada is truly and outdoors haven in terms of the amount of outdoor opportunities that it offers. For instance, the Ottawa River is a popular place white-water rafting, kayaking and enjoying a cruise.

Toronto Canada

Toronto Canada is popular for its city parks and the Toronto Islands, which are a popular spot for enjoying fun recreational activities.

Another popular side to Toronto Canada is its vibrant nightlife and summer festivals such as the lively Toronto Caribana Festival.

Hamilton Canada

There are a ton of great places to visit in Hamilton Canada. If you are looking to enjoy outdoor pursuits such as winery tours and hiking, Hamilton Canada is just on the Niagara Encampment, which is an area renowned for its vineyards and the famed Niagara Falls, which is just a mere 8 miles from the city.

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Famous Canadian landmarks   
If you’re traveling to Ontario for the first time, check out below a little overview and some facts about southern Ontario vacation spots that you may find interesting:

Southern Ontario vacation spots are popular amongst families with kids and anglers alike due to the variety of freshwater lakes which mainly consists of Lake Superior (Michigan), Lake Michigan-Huron, Lake Erie (Erie PA in Pennsylvania) and Lake Ontario Canada.

Southern Ontario also has a more moderate climate than northern Ontario making southern Ontario vacation spots very popular in either winter or summer.

Another reason that makes southern Ontario a popular choice amongst travelers, it’s the region’s close location to other vacation spots in the Midwest and summer vacation spots in New England, allowing travelers the chance to explore the north region of the United States.

For instance, US cities such as Buffalo New York, Erie Pennsylvania, Dayton Ohio and Detroit Michigan are close to the border with southern Ontario.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, and are planning on doing outdoor pursuits, southern Ontario is home to the Niagara Encampment where you can enjoy anything from hiking to exploring vineyards and wineries.

Ontario Canada is also one of the most visited provinces in Canada, and with abundant natural attractions such as Algonquin Park, Bruce Peninsula, majestic waterfalls and valleys, it’s not surprising why Ontario Canada is such a great destination.

Quick Facts

- Ontario has the largest population in Canada

- Southern Ontario coastlines the famed Great Lakes

- Almost 90% of Ontario’s population live in southern Ontario

- Both French and English are widely spoken in the province

- The city of Ottawa is the capital and also the most visited city in Canada

- Toronto is the largest city in Canada.

- Southern Ontario is closely bordered by Michigan and New York

- Well known attractions in southern Ontario include: Niagara Falls, Toronto Zoo, Royal Canadian Mint and Canada's Wonderland.

- Some of the most popular festivals and events in Canada are held in southern Ontario. Some of these include: Canada Day and Windsor Freedom Festival

- Southern Ontario is home to the famed Niagara Escarpment, the largest in North America.

- Highway 401 is the widest and busiest freeway in North America, running the entire length of southern Ontario

- Southern Ontario is also home to some of the best destinations in November to experience the fall foliage.

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