Things to do in Constanta Romania

If you are a first time traveler to Romania and are wondering what to expect in the port city of Constanta Romania, the city has a wealthy heritage that includes Greek, Turkish and Roman influences, similar to those found in the city of Varna Bulgaria.

These influences translate today in ancient ruins and historic landmarks such as the Lion House and Constanta Casino. If you’re wondering about ticket prices to Constanta Romania, flight tickets are very affordable making the city, one of the most popular cheap summer destinations in Europe.

You’re likely to land on the nearby Mihail Kog─âlniceanu International Airport, which is located 12 miles northwest of Constanta’s city center.
Things to do in Constanta Romania
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Mihail Kog─âlniceanu Airport Transportation

- Car rental. There are around four car rental companies located at the airport, and they include Europcar and Avis.

- Bus. The airport offers a shuttle service from the airport to Constanta railway station where you can get train connections to Romania’s major cities.

- Taxi. Airport taxis are also present and a typical taxi ride to Constanta’s city center will set you around $24 (20 Euros).

Getting Around

Once in Constanta Romania, getting around the city is made easy and affordable (one-way tickets cost around $1) with Constanta’s distinctive bus system that includes over 10 bus lines and a couple of trolleybus lines.

If you’re planning to visit the capital city of Bucharest and are using car rental, the Constanta-Bucharest highway (A2) makes it very quick and convenient to get to.

Alternatively, the Romanian railway (CFR) is a good way to explore different parts of the region. Constanta’s railway station (Regionala CFR) is just 6 minutes away fro the city center.

Things to do in Constanta Romania: Fun Activities


The city has a beach that you can visit, but for a great beach experience, It’s best you head to resorts along the coastline such as along Boulevard Mamaia where you’ll find many beach resorts and beaches such as Ipanera beach and Mamaia beach with lovely sandy beaches.

Apart from beach resorts along Constanta coastline, you’ll find campgrounds such as Camping Pescaresc, Camping GPM, Marina Surf and Camping S where you can enjoy beach camping.

Green Areas

There a few inner city parks in Constanta Romania such as Clubull Eleviror, Casei de Cultura park and Garii Park.

However, the lovely Parcul (Park) Tabacariei is by far the biggest and one of the best places to head to enjoy fun outdoor activities like cycling and picnicking, or take a relaxing stroll.

The park has plenty of green areas, and a few playgrounds where the little ones can burn off some energy.

The park is also overlooking the beautiful Lacul (Lake) Tabacariei, and you can also launch a canoe or kayak there.

Tour of the Black Sea

If you want to sail around the Black Sea, another of the most popular things to do in Constanta Romania for the first time, it’s to book a boat tour of the Black Sea.

You'll find a few tour operators on Tomis Port where you can book a guided boat trip, either for a half-day or full day.

Telegondola Ride

If you're looking for other touristy attractions in Constanta Romania, you can take the Telegondola cable ride along Mamaia beach resort to get amazing panoramic views.

Luna Theme Park

If you’re looking to add more fun activities, be sure to visit the popular Luna theme park where you’ll be able to enjoy high-speed roller coasters, karting and bumper cars.

Aqua Magic

Another popular amusement park in Constanta where you can enjoy fun activities during the hot months, it’s Aqua Magic water park located along Mamaia Boulevard.

Things to do in Constanta Romania: Places of Interest

National History Museum of Archaeology

The National History Museum of Archaeology is a great place to learn more about ancient Tomis through the museum’s guided tours, and marvel at beautiful ancient Roman mosaics.

Constanta Ruins

The Constanta Ruins are an archeological site, located on Primarie Park. Here, you can stroll along and see the ruins of century old Greek and Roman settlements.

Natural Science Museum Complex

If you’re looking to spend a day out with the family one of the most popular things to do in Constanta Romania, it’s to visit the Natural Science Museum Complex, which is located next to Gravity Park.

The complex includes a Microreserve where you’ll be able to pet and feed the animals there during feeding times, a dolphin center, an aquarium and planetarium.

Old Port

Another interesting point of interest, it’s to take a walking tours of the famed tourist attractions of Constanta Port which include:

- Bronze statue of Mihai Eminescu
- Orthodox Cathedral
- Constanta Aquarium
- Genovese Lighthouse
- Constanta Casino
- Maritime Museum

Things to do in Constanta Romania: Shopping

If you’re including a shopping outing during your trip to Constanta Romania, the city boasts two fairly large shopping malls with over two hundred department stores and shops between them.

These two shopping centers are Tomis Mall, located in the heart of the city, and City Park Mall, located opposite Constanta Soveja Theater (Teatrul de Vara Soveja).

Apart from shopping, these two malls feature cinemas, food courts and amusement parks for the little ones.

If you’re looking to buy souvenir gifts, or you’re simply after some traditional goods, head to one of the flea markets outside Constanta’s city center for real bargains.

For instance, the beach town of Eforie, located south of Constanta Romania, is a good place to find weekly flea markets selling things like leather goods and handmade jewelry items.

Things to do in Constanta Romania: Nightlife & Entertainment

If you’re traveling to Constanta Romania during the warmer months, the heart of the nightlife is, without a doubt, along Constanta’s waterfront.

Near the Constanta Casino, you’ll find many bars and restaurants with terraces overlooking the lovely Black Sea.

The Mamaia beach resort is another popular hub amongst tourists because of the many little bars dotted right on the beach.

Things to do in Constanta Romania: Events & Festivals

Romanian Salsa Festival

If you're into dancing competitions, and are traveling to Constanta Romania in early August, don’t miss out on the popular Romanian Salsa Festival.

Festivinum Wine Festival

If you love wine and are planning a trip in mid spring, Constanta Romania holds the Festivinum Wine Festival in the second week of May.

Apart from being to sample fine wine, the event will also feature live entertainment and fun competitions.

Gravity Park

If you love extreme sport events, one of the most popular things to do in Constanta Romania, it’s to visit Gravity Park where you can see regular events such as dirt bike climbing competitions, skating and roller skating show-offs.

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