Places to visit in Iowa

Looking for interesting places to visit in Iowa?
 Places to visit in Iowa
things to do for fun while visiting Iowa

It is surprising how many people don’t think much of Iowa as a vacation spot in the Midwest, only to be blown away by the many sights and attractions that the state has to offer. Believe me, corn and hogs aren't the only thing to be seen in Iowa...there are also many other cool places to go that you will definitely enjoy visiting:

Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is one of my favorite places to visit in Iowa and a cool place to Indian burial mounds such as the one located at Fire Point in Effigy Mounds Park

At the park’s visitor center you can also watch a short movie on American Indian mound building as well as a cool demonstration on ancient tools used by Native American tribes.

Effigy Mounds Park also offers many outdoor activities and programs such as hiking trips for the whole family .
If you’d like to visit, Effigy Mounds National Monument is located right on the Iowa-Wisconsin border and about 100 miles west of Madison in Wisconsin.

Loess Hills

Loess Hills are certainly one of the top 10 natural wonders in the USA because of the silt formations and wonderful grassland prairies, which are quite beautiful to watch during the fall foliage.

Apart from the lovely natural scenery, Loess Hills is one of my favorite places to visit in Iowa because of the  many earth lodges left by the Glenwood culture. In fact, you can see an earth lodge replica in Glenwood Lake Park, and check out ancient artifacts at the park’s museum.


Not far from Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, you’ll find perhaps one of the most interesting places to visit in Iowa – the Amana Colonies.
Iowa Must See Sights
The Amana Colonies consists of seven villages settled by German immigrants in late 1800’s. There is a visitor’s center right in Amana where you can find more information about the Amana Colonies and book a fun tour that includes checking out hundred-year old barns and historic sites.


If you’re looking for a good mixture of cultural attractions and fun things to do during your trip to the state, make sure you add a visit to Dubuque to your itinerary.

The city is one of the most interesting places to visit in Iowa and one of the top places to vacation with kids in the state.

Two attractions that you and your family will enjoy in Dubuque include:

- Taking a cable ride on the Fenelon Place Elevator to the top of the bluff to get lovely views of the city.

- Visiting the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium where you can see cool animal exhibits and short films on the Mississippi River, and even experience an trip down the Mississippi River on the interactive theater.


Winterset is known for its famed covered bridges and natural scenery, but if you’re a fan of old westerns (like myself), you’ll be glad to know that Winterset is the birthplace of John Wayne.

You can take a tour of John Wayne's childhood house and see where the ‘Duke’ grew up. Even, if you’re not a fan, the house in itself is historic and gives you a good idea of how houses were like in early 1900’s, and people used to live.

Fort Dodge & Fort Madison

You can’t truly say, you’ve seen Iowa, if you haven’t been to one of the reconstructed forts in the state.

Fort Dodge and Fort Madison are the places where you can glance and marvel at a typical frontier outpost.

In Fort Dodge, Fort Museum has a recreation of the original Fort Dodge including a trading post, court jail, a blacksmith shop, a general store and more.

While iIn Fort Madison, you can see the reconstruction of Fort Madison outpost, and get lovely views of the beautiful Mississippi River flowing in the background.


The town of Bonaparte is another of my favorite places to visit in Iowa because of the town’s yesteryear feel. The historic Riverfront district is the main focal point as it features charming shops, 19th century cottages and beautiful Victorian houses.

Every Tuesday, the town also holds a lovely Farmers Market where you can mingle with the locals while tasting some yummy foods!

There is also a crafts show and flea market normally in mid September, where you can find handmade goods and collectable items.

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