Interesting places to visit in Kansas

Interesting places to visit in Kansas
Things to do in the Midwest
Going on a road trip with the family through Kansas and Missouri and planning on taking in the sights?

For me, Kansas is one of the top places to vacation with kids because of the slow pace of life. If you're wondering about what interesting places to visit  in Kansas, you'll be glad to know that Kansas isn't just farms and small towns. For instance, in places such as Kansas City and Wichita KS, you can enjoy many major events, up-scale shopping and great nightlife.

To give an idea and point you in the right direction, here are some of my most favourite interesting places to visit in Kansas that many enjoy visiting:


Two of the most interesting places to visit in Kansas, for me, are the Old Cowtown and the Mid-American All Indian Centre in Wichita Kansas.

Old Cowtown is a very special place and unique open-air museum where you can get a taste of the Old West. This historic town features dirt streets, people dressed in period clothes and restored old buildings. Also, during the summer months, you can see fun re-enactments of a typical day in 1800's Kansas.

At the All Indian Center, you can Native American work such as the popular Blackbear Bosin's "The Keeper of the Plains".


Hutchinson is another of my favorite interesting places to visit in Kansas because of the Kansas Cosmosphere Center.

At the Cosmosphere Center you can see moon rocks, spy planes and even a full-size replica of the Space Shuttle.

The Cosmosphere is probably the biggest attraction in Kansas, and one place I recommend taking your family. Your kids will love you for it!


The small town of Atchison is located right on the Kansas-Missouri border, northwest of Kansas City.

Atchison is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kansas as it is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, which was first woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean.

Amelia’s house is today a museum open to the public and a great place to see where the aviatrix grew up. Inside the house, you’ll see pictures of Amelia’s husband and grandparents, as well as other items.


If you’ve never been to Sweden but always wanted to visit, don’t miss visiting the town of Lindsborg (located roughly between Hutchinson and Salina).

This town is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kansas because of the Swedish style festivals.

Christmas is probably the best time to experience the rich Swedish heritage in Lindsborg. During Christmas time, you have Heritage Christmas where you can enjoy the sounds and sights of a typical Swedish Christmas.


Lucas is easily one of the most interesting places to visit in Kansas because of the rather odd "Garden of Eden". This place is basically a garden filled with concrete sculptures that represent the American past. If you love ‘unusual’ art work, you’ll find the Garden of Eden very interesting indeed!


If you’re visiting the state this autumn, I would suggest visiting on leaf-peeping trip. Kansas is one of the best places to see fall foliage, and one of the best spots to see the color change is the Flint Hills.

The Flint Hills have no trees, but the grasses turn all sorts of colors from reddish brown to golddish tan, which are quite beautiful.


The town of Wamego is roughly located between Manhattan KS and Topeka and it is actually one of my favorite vacation spots in the Midwest.

Wamego is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kansas because is home to the fantastic Oz Museum. If, like me, you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz musical, the museum has many memorabilia stuff such as silent films.

Dodge City

If you are touring the south of Kansas, a visit to Dodge City should be on your list of interesting places to visit in Kansas. Apart from Cowtown, there is no other city in Kansas that is more synonymous of the American Old West.

In particular, you and your kids will love a visit to Boot Hill Museum, in Dodge City as the place has organized recreational gun fights that are really fun to watch.

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