Places to Visit Along the Oregon Coast

Places to Visit Along the Oregon Coast
US West Coast Tourist Attractions
Boasting gorgeous bluffs and charming small towns, the rugged Oregon Coast is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning places to visit in the western US.

The great thing about exploring the Oregon Coast on a road trip it’s that the Oregon Coast is dotted with hundred of lovely places that you can stop along the way and explore.

One such place is Winchester Bay, which is one of the best spots along the Oregon Coast to see the migration of gray whales in the winter and spring months.

Another great thing about the Oregon Coast is that you’re never too far from one of Oregon’s major cities such as Portland, Hillsboro, Salem, Albany, Eugene and Medford.

There are literary hundreds of sights to explore, quaint lighthouses, nice sandy beaches and plenty of accommodation options to choose from such as campgrounds, guest houses and hotels. Below, you have a list of places to visit along the Oregon Coast, hope you find it useful!


The town of Astoria is a great place to visit and start your road trip of the Oregon Coast since it’s located near the border with Washington State, right on the northern tip of Oregon.

You can spend a few days in Astoria soaking in the town’s unspoiled beauty, marveling at well preserved period architecture and checking great attractions such as the Friends of Astoria Column, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, as well as taking a fun ride on the riverfront trolley.

The Astoria Column, in particular, is one of the most amazing places to visit along the Oregon Coast simply because of the stunning views you can get of the Pacific Ocean, Washington and the Columbia and Young’s river bays.


Seaside is one of the smallest beach towns along the Oregon Coast, yet it’s one of the best places to visit along the Oregon Coast, especially if you’re looking for a romantic or weekend getaway from Portland.

You can walk along the beautiful promenade, get your picture taken at the Lewis and Clark statue, take a stroll on the beach, visit the Lewis and Clark Salt Works, visit the Seaside Aquarium and explore Broadway district where you’ll be able to enjoy some fun sea side attractions like bumper cars and ski-ball as well as enjoy some souvenir shopping.


Tillamook is another small but pleasant town on the Oregon Coast worth visiting and stopping by for a night or two. The town boasts the famed Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Air Museum where you can see a fine collection of WWII fighter planes which are housed in an authentic World War II Blimp Hangar.

Tillamook also offers plenty of recreational outdoor opportunities such as camping, fishing, hiking and leaf-peeping at the nearby Tillamook state forest and Cape Lookout State Park, as well as scenic viewing and wildlife viewing opportunities like viewing the whale migrations from Cape Meares viewing point.

Lincoln City

Lincoln City is a beautiful town situated a short drive from Salem and it's one of the top places to visit along the Oregon Coast with kids. The town boasts stunning beaches where you can enjoy fun activities like surfing, kite flying, crabbing, tide pooling and beach-combing, as well as a ton of other things to do such as:

-Gambling at one of the casinos.
-Enjoying cultural attractions such as the North Lincoln County Historical Museum and the Lincoln City Cultural Center.
-Catching the local orchestra at the Gleneden Beach Center.
-Attending music festivals such as the Cascade Head Music Festival in mid September.


Newport is just a short 60 minutes drive west of Albany and is another of the places to visit along the Oregon Coast because of the magnificent Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium though is the "daddy" of all attractions, especially with amazing exhibits such as the “Passages of the Deep” which is an underwater tunnel that allows you to see the ocean habitat.

Newport also boasts great sandy beaches where you can enjoy typical beach activities, as well as other fun things to do such as enjoying whale watching tours and shopping at the local shops.


Florence is another of the gems along the Oregon Coast that you don’t want to miss visiting and it’s only an hour from Eugene.

Florence is surrounded by some of the most stunning natural scenery like lushes forests, crystal clear lakes, tall sand dunes with the stunning Pacific Ocean in the backdrop.

As you can imagine, outdoor activities are plentiful in Florence so, you can enjoy anything from dune buggy tours, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking and camping at nearby Cape Perpetua, to a visit to Sea Lion Caves (pictured) where you can observe sea lions in their true habitat.

You can also explore Florence’s charming old town which boasts plenty of historic buildings and attractions such as the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, housed in a 20th century schoolhouse.

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