Places to Visit in Tucson Arizona

When you think of Tucson Arizona, you automatically think of desert, roadrunners and cactus trees, and you wouldn’t wrong.

Places to Visit in Tucson Arizona
attractions in Southwest US
In fact, if you’re looking to experience desert life, Tucson is one of the best places to base in the Southwest region because of the nearby Saguaro National Park (pictured) which boasts giant cactus trees and all kind of desert wildlife such as javelinas, bobcats and roadrunners.

Overall, if you’re looking for a warm winter destination in the US that offers both city-type attractions and great outdoor opportunities; look no further than Tucson AZ. Find below a handy list of places to visit in Tucson Arizona.

Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air Museum is located at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and it’s an absolute haven of attraction if you’re a plane enthusiast.

This place is both an indoors/ outdoors museum and it’s one of the most interesting places to visit in Tucson Arizona by far. You get to explore the actual base on guided walking tour or on a bus ride to see many of the WWII aircrafts they have on display in the hangers.

In the actual museum, you can see more WWII memorabilia such as pilot helmets and bomber jackets, and even get a chance to speak to retired fighter pilots.

San Xavier Del Bac Mission

The San Xavier Mission is one of the few free attractions that you can visit in Tucson Arizona. The mission is located on the way to Tucson International Airport, just a 30 minute drive south of the downtown area.

The Mission is one of the best examples of Spanish colonial architecture and also the oldest landmark in the city. Inside of the church, you can see beautiful frescos and statues, and learn more about the founding of the mission.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

If you’re a fan of botanical gardens, or would like a pleasant place where you and your family can spend time, you can't miss a visit to the botanical gardens. The Tucson Gardens has all kinds of desert plants such as cactus, as well as a different garden areas such as a butterfly and a hummingbird garden.

Tucson Desert Canyons

A trip to Tucson Arizona wouldn’t be complete without exploring the famed southwest desert canyons on a hiking excursion of some sort.

You can take independent hikes to the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains or book an organized canyon tour, though I suggest the latter because with an organized tour, you'll get the experience of a knowledgeable guide who will know the area.

Also, on a guided tour, you can choose either a narrated hiking tour or a tram ride tour which will you through the most popular sights.

Tucson Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum is located in the downtown area adjacent to Military Plaza Park, and it’s one of the few child-focused attractions in the heart of Tucson Arizona where kids can be kids. The little ones will be able to interact with other kids and enjoy different play areas.

Golf N' Stuff Family Fun Center

If you’re looking for more places to take the little ones on a fun day out in Tucson AZ, head to the Golf N’ Stuff center, near Trail Dust Town. This fun center has a couple of miniature golf courses, bumper boats, laser tag and go karts.

Trail Dust Town

Trail Dust Town is a great place to visit for the shopping and entertainment opportunities but it’s also an attraction in itself since it was built to resemble an Old Western town. The Town includes wooden sidewalks and a leather shop where you can get custom made western attire.

International Wildlife Museum‎

The Wildlife Museum is one of the few out-of-town attractions in Tucson, though it's worth passing by if you're planning also to visit the Desert Museum. The Wildlife Museum has an interesting collection of stuffed animals which looks very realistic.

The Wildlife Museum is actually located not far from the Desert Museum so, if you’re using car rental you may as well stop at this place.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum‎

The Desert Museum is, undoubtedly, one of the top places to visit in Tucson Arizona since you can literary spend an entire day here experiencing desert life.

This place is actually a zoo, wildlife park and a botanical park, all in one. You'll be able to enjoy wildlife viewing from one of the strategic vantage points of the complex, and check out the beautiful garden areas and interesting displays on desert creatures.

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