Places to Visit in Huntington WV

Huntington WV may be one of the smallest cities in West Virginia but the city is truly packed with interesting attractions and fun things to do.

Places to Visit in Huntington WV

Huntington's annual events such as St. George Greek Festival and Hilltop Festival in September, and Ritter Park Days and West Virginia Hot Dog Festival in July are some of the best things the city has to offer to visitors.

If you’re planning a day visit to the city or a short vacation and are looking for a list of places to visit in Huntington WV, below it’s a handy list:

Huntington Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is located along McCoy Road, just further down road from Ritter Historic District; and it’s one of the top cultural places to visit in Huntington WV.

The museum boasts all kinds of rare and interesting art collections like firearms and glass works that you can see, as well as nature trails around the museum where you can take a pleasant walk on a warm sunny day.

Camden Amusement Park

If you’re traveling with family and are looking for fun places to take the kids for a day out, head to Camden Park. This amusement park has nice fun rides and it is just a short 15 minutes drive west of downtown Huntington.

Museum of Radio

The Museum of Radio is another of the top cultural attractions in the city that you can’t miss visiting when in town, especially if you’re a fan of vintage artifacts.

The museum is adjacent Harveytown Cemetery, near Kiwanis Park and boasts cool and interesting technology exhibits and displays such as vintage radios, 40's televisions and computers and even old military communication radios.

Heritage Farm Village

The Heritage Farm Village is located a short drive south of downtown Huntington and it’s one of the best places to visit in Huntington WV for a fun day trip with the entire family.

You can enjoy farm activities like feeding and petting the farm animals, as well as pioneer presentations and interesting artifact collections like rare American antiques and vintage trains.

Central City Historic District

If you’re a history buff and would like to explore Huntington’s historic buildings and landmarks, there is no better way to do this than on a walking tour of Huntington's Central City district, which is bounded by 3rd Ave to the North, 5th Ave to the South, 10th St to the East, and 6th-7th Sts to the West.

The Central City district boasts many buildings that are on the National Register of Histroic Places such as Old Main in Marshall University.

You can explore the Old Main and learn more about it and tour the campus too, though you need to request a guided tour of the university to see all the different areas as well.

Pullman Square

If you’re looking to do a bit of shopping, dining and enjoy a bit of entertainment all in place, head to Pullman Square (pictured).

The square is one of the best places to visit in Huntington WV to find a nice variety of cafes, shops and restaurants, and during the summer months, you’ll be able to catch one of the free summer concerts on the square.

Big Sandy Superstore Arena

The Big Sandy arena is located adjacent Pullman Square and it’s another great place where you can find entertainment in Huntington and catch all kinds of regular and annual events such as the RV & Boat Show in late January, Globetrotters in March and the Lion’s Club Arts & Crafts Show in early December.

New River Train

If you’re visiting Huntington WV in the last two weeks of October and are looking for fall-related activities, one of the coolest things to do is to enjoy a fall foliage excursion of the New River Gorge area on board the New River train, which runs from Huntington to Hinton.

Ritter Park

A trip to Huntington WV wouldn’t be complete without visiting the beautiful rose garden at Ritter Park. The park boasts one of the most stunning gardens and an amazing variety of rose beds.

Ritter Park is open all year round, though to see the beautiful rose garden’s full bloom, you’ll need to be here in/around May.

Huntington Railroad Museum

The Railroad Museum is also located in Ritter Park and it's another of the places to visit in Huntington WV, though it’s only open on Sundays between late May and September. The museum is worth passing by as you’ll be able to check out 19th century steam locomotives, cabooses, wooden handcars, and other railroad maintenance vehicles.

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