What is There to Do in Val d'Isere France

No matter how you measure the beauty found in the southeastern 15th century French village of Val d’Isere, you will be blown away! From Val d’Isere’s humble beginnings as a ski resort in the 1930s, the village of Val d'Isère was forever immortalized on the TV screen by the characters Edina and Patsy of the British sitcom -Absolutely Fabulous.

Today, Val d’Isere has become one of the world's top alpine destinations, home to the French National Ski School and hosting more top competitions than any other European venue. Val d’Isere is a phenomenal ski get away where local farmers mix with the moneyed elite who stay in its five-star hotels. From the peaks of the mountains, to the chalets in the valley, you will be drawn by the beauty and things to do in Val d’Isere:


Once upon a time, Val d’Isere was a simple humble village and then it met skiing and grew into one of the most iconic French ski-resorts. There is a special aura that distinguishes Val d'Isere from its many competitors relates directly to its humble roots.

From the single perilous path that ne connected the village to the world Val’ d’Isere now opens its doors to the 2013 World Cup season in March. The slopes are serviced by high capacity, fast chair lifts, gondolas, and drag lifts. There is a terrain park and many piste to amuse anyone from the beginner to the expert.


The clubs in Val d’Isere focus on satisfying every desire of the visitors who came to ski and relax. Pubs, bars, and discothèques make up the clubs of Val d’Isere. There are so many it is impossible to cover them all. You will find bars featuring local wines and beers, nightclubs with dancing and live music.

If you like live saxophones, stop by Café Face, but be sure to get there before 10pm to get one of the few tables available and for free WiFi and a friendly atmosphere stop by the Fall Line. While over at Le Petit Danois you will find English speaking staff, pool tables, food, and a pub ambiance.

Dining out 

Eating while on holiday is a holiday in and if itself, especially with so many people developing into foodies or at home chefs. Food is now an event and when you spend hours zooming down a mountain on slats all days long, you need some delicious, hearty, sustaining food to replenish you. Dining out is one of the most popular things to do in Val d’Isere  and most people coming to Val d’Isere will usually opt for a catered ski holidays to have chefs cook for you, though that doesn't mean you can explore what's on offer in Val d’Isere.

A quick spot you will find on piste is La Creperie Au Grand Marnier. This is a great place to eat on and off all day long, for a quick meal with a young crowd. You can get warm delicious crepes made with good local ingredients. The Triffolet is another good choice with traditional western fair. Wine not on Main street under the Savoy is a good place to have an aperitif, cheese plates, tapas, and a good wine. This is a good place for a conversation and a meal. The choices for food are wide and varied. Explore to your heart’s desire.


Farmer’s markets have taken the United States by storm. They are where the local shopper goes to get the freshest most sustainable products and visitors go to sample the local offerings. So when you walk down the center of Val d’Isere and you see the market on Monday morning, you will be taken away and drawn in.

The market features local cheeses, hams, breads, fabrics, jewelry, clothes, and many other items. The Val d’Isere market is open every Monday no matter the weather or temperature so stop by and get some items for your table or closet.

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