Interesting places to visit in Ohio

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Planning a trip this year to Ohio, and want to know about interesting places to visit in Ohio that you wouldn’t want to miss?

In a nutshell, Ohio is stunning state with lovely countryside scenery, rich history, beautiful architecture, wealth of historic sites and friendly locals.

Ohio is one of the best vacation spots in the Midwest for taking historic tours, and exploring this state will leave you with lovely lasting memories.


First on my list of interesting places to visit in Ohio is the small island of Put-in-Bay where you’ll find the Perry Monument. I added this place on my list because of the interesting history behind this landmark.

You can climb to the top of the monument and get nice views of Put-in-Bay town and the bay.

By the way, Put-in-Bay is easily reached by ferry from Sandusky in less than 50 minutes, and the trip here is overall worth it because of the charming little town.


The city of Sandusky is one of the little gems in Ohio, with a rich history and beautiful historical buildings.

Sandusky is, roughly, the half way point between Toledo Ohio and Cleveland OH, and it is one place you should really add to your Ohio itinerary. I added Sandusky to the list of interesting places to visit in Ohio for a couple reasons.
Places to go in Ohio
First, if you’re taking a walking tour of the city, you’ll notice that the manhole covers in the city are beautifully decorated, which can be easily mistaken for ancient Mayan calendar stones! Second, Sandusky is home to Cedar Point Amusement Park which has to be one of the best amusement parks in the states. The coasters are awesome and the park is truly a thrill seekers paradise.


If you’re looking for the most interesting places to visit in Ohio, the Amish Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin Ohio comes close to the top. Just like the Illinois’ Amish Country, the Amish Mennonite Heritage Center is a great place to see a way of life, forgotten by most of us.

If you’ve always wanted to learn about the Amish, the center offers tours and interesting videos.

Cincinnati & Milan

Ohio is certainly home to many historic homes – many of them turned into museums now. Cincinnati & Milan are perhaps two of the most interesting places to visit in Ohio for a history tour.

A few of the places to check out in Cincinnati include: Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Taft Museum Of Art and William Howard Taft National Historic Site. While in Milan, you can check out Edison Birthplace, which is now a museum, and the Milan Historical Museum.


A visit to Ohio wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park, in Dayton OH. The park is truly one of the most interesting places to visit in Ohio because of the interpretive centers where you can learn more about the men who invented the first practical air plane, and how they envision the idea.


I added Chillicothe to my list of interesting places to visit in Ohio because of the Indian Mounds found here.

Also, if you’re in the city of Columbus OH, the town of Chillicothe is just under an hour’s drive south of Columbus so, you can easily add this place on the list of fun things to do in Columbus Ohio. The actual Indian Mounds are found at the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park where you can take a tour and learn more about the Hopewell.

Hocking State Forest

If you are traveling to Ohio in late October, or are planning a vacation in November, you should not miss experiencing the beautiful color change in the state. Normally, the last week of October and early November is when the foliage colors are at their peak.

Ohio is actually one of the best places to see fall foliage because most of its state parks have a watchtower you can climb up such as the one in Hocking Hills State Park, in Logan.


The small town feel of Portsmouth OH is another of my interesting places to visit in Ohio, simply because of the beautiful Floodwall Murals.

The murals are painted on a 2,000 feet long wall along Front Street, and are simply ‘stunning’, also colorful and so intricately detailed that you’ll be blown away by them. If you do visit the Floodwall Murals, don’t forget your camera!

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