Interesting places to visit in Kentucky

When thinking of Kentucky, you think of rolling farms, bluegrass music and rural towns, and you wouldn't wrong.

Interesting places to visit in Kentucky

However, you’ll be glad to know that state is more than country land and the state boasts some of the best vacation spots in southern USA.

They’re plenty of cultural attractions to enjoy and interesting places to visit in Kentucky like exploring the Country Music Highway which is home to many country music stars, the Kentucky Opry and the Paramount Theater. Here it is a round-up of the places I like the most in the Bluegrass State:


Staring off first on my list of interesting places to visit in Kentucky has to be the city of Louisville.

If you’re traveling to Kentucky, the city of Louisville is, without a doubt, a great starting point to your vacation in the state, especially if you travel during one of the major events such as “Thunder Over Louisville” festival.

The “Thunder Over Louisville” festival happens in April, and you’ll be absolutely blown away by the fireworks and the air show events.

Another reason why Louisville KY has to be one of the most interesting places to visit in Kentucky is because of its historic districts such as West Main District.

You can enjoy a historic tour of West Main District marveling at the lovely cast iron facades and visiting the many museums contained within the district.

Mammoth Cave National Park

The state of Kentucky boasts many caverns, and taking a cave tour is definitely something I would add to the list of fun things to do in Kentucky.

Mammoth Cave National Park is on my list of interesting places to visit in Kentucky because the tours are the cave area suited to different people and different ages, so everyone can have a fun tour regardless of their size.

Apart from the cave tour, which kids will surely love, Mammoth Cave National Park, itself, is a great place to enjoy a fun family outdoor activities while enjoying the pristine natural scenery.


Lexington Kentucky is famously known as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’ because of the amount of Horse Farms and thoroughbreds.

If you love everything equestrian, you’ll enjoy the horse farm tours and attending a racing event at the popular Keenland Race Course.

Daniel Boone National Forest

If you are traveling to Kentucky during the autumn, Daniel Boone National Forest has to be one of the most interesting places to visit in Kentucky because of the lovely fall colors.

Daniel Boone National Forest fall colors are at their peak in October, so this is best time to enjoy a leaf-peeping tour in the forest.

One of the best places to see fall foliage, for me, has to be Cumberland Falls State Resort Park because of the majestic waterfall.


Downtown Covington KY is a charming little town right on the Kentucky-Ohio border and only 6 miles away from Cincinnati.

Covington KY is actually separated from Cincinnati Ohio by the Ohio River and the riverfront is such as lovely place to be taking in the views. I added Covington KY to my list of interesting places to visit in Kentucky for a few reasons.

First, the town of Covington has such a diferent vibe from the rest of the state because of its trendy bars and hotels.

Second, Covington KY is home to one of the top landmarks in the state - the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (over 100 years old!), which resembles the bridge built in Brooklyn New York.


Newport KY is literary a\half hour walk from Covington KY, and it is another of my interesting places to visit in Kentucky because of the many Cruise companies.

With a riverboat cruise, you can get a chance to explore the historic waterway and its quaint towns as well as enjoying lovely views of Cincinnati from the comfort of a boat!

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