Interesting places to visit in Montana

Montana is an outdoors enthusiast paradise and one of the most popular vacation spots in the Western US to enjoy a camping vacation.

You can do anything from shopping and walking tours in historic areas such as Last Gulch Chance Street in Helena Montana, and scenic drives and nature hikes through the stunning Rocky Mountains to exploring prehistoric rock art in the Helena National Forest.
No matter what you do, one thing is for sure, a vacation in Montana will be a fun and memorable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the top 10 natural wonders in the US, and one of the most interesting places to visit in Montana because of the Rocky Mountains and enjoyable scenic drives such as the "Going-to-the-Sun Road" drive, which offers stunning views of glacial peaks, lakes, rocky scenery wildlife and flat prairies along the way. If you’re planning on exploring or visiting Glacier National Park for the first time, I’d suggest a couple of things:

Interesting places to visit in Montana
Top 10 Places to visit in the US
First, before you set out to explore the park, head first to Logan Pass Visitors Center to plan your visit with the knowledgeable rangers and get some pointers.

Second, consider booking a vacation rental at Glacier National Park to make the most of your trip to Glacier National Park.

The main reason I say this, it’s that you'll be able to soak all the sights and natural attractions at the park if you stay overnight. Also, since the entry fee to Glacier National Park is $25 dollars, why not make the most of it?


Billings is the largest city and one of the best places to start your vacation in Montana, if you’re traveling here for the first time, because of the variety of city attractions, lively nightlife and outdoor activities you can do nearby.

Billings is also on my list of interesting places to visit in Montana because of the Yellowstone Art Museum and Pictograph Caves State Park.

If you’re interested in art, the Yellowstone Art Museum has an interesting collection of sculptures and original paintings.

However, if you’re not interested much in art, you'll find fascinating visiting the Yellowstone Art Museum because it used to be a former county prison. In fact, the walls of the county prison were kept and are displayed within the Yellowstone Art Museum as an exhibit.

Pictograph Caves State Park is just in the outskirts of Billings; around 20 minutes drive southeast of Billings city center, and if you’ve never had the opportunity to see Native American rock art before, be sure to add this place to the list of interesting places to visit in Montana.

Pictograph Caves State Park isn’t the only place in Montana where you can see rock art but it is the nearest place to the city of Billings.

You’ll see beautiful paintings carved into rock and you’ll be fascinated by the general ambiance inside the cave.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument

Half-hour drive northeast of Billings and Pictograph Caves State Park, it’s Pompeys Pillar National Monument (see image above), one of the most interesting places to visit in Montana.

Pompeys Pillar is an interesting attraction, not only because of its odd shape, but also because of the carved Native American rock art, as well as the William Clark inscription that he carved, in July 25 1806, into the actual sandstone pillar which, as it happens, it’s the only physical evidence that shows that the Lewis and Clark Expedition took this route.


Helena is certainly one of the most popular destinations in Montana becuse it’s just a stone-throw from the Helena National Forest.

Helena is on my list of interesting places to visit in Helena because of the stunning downtown district and historic landmarks such as Helena State Capitol and St. Helena Cathedral.

Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll enjoy exploring the capital city of Helena and taking a stroll through the charming downtown area marveling at the lovely town and beautiful mansions.

Another reason to add Helena to your itinerary of things to do in Montana, it’s because of the ancient rock art located within Helena National Forest.

The rock art found within the canyons of Helena Forest is one of the best places to appreciate prehistoric rock art because the motifs which are quite unique to the Rocky Mountains region.


Missoula is one of the largest cities in the states and one of the most popular destinations in Montana because of the opportunities for outdoor activities throughout the year such as hiking and biking during the warm months, and skiing during the winter months.

I added Missoula also to the list of interesting places to visit in Montana because of the “A Carousel for Missoula’ because it is the oldest operational and hand-crafted carousel in the states.

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