Most Beautiful Towns in the US

Looking for a list of beautiful towns in America?

American towns are historic and nostalgic treasures full of charm and character. In one hand, you have beautiful beach towns of California on the west coast, and charming Midwestern towns of Iowa where you can experience the real America.
Cities with the best downtowns
Then, you have colonial towns of New England on the east coast of the USA which are filled with history. We’ve picked the following American towns below, not just for their exceptional beauty but also because they’re great to visit any time of the year.

Hope you like our round up of the most beautiful towns in the US. If you have your own personal favorite American town that we haven’t included, you can always send us in your suggestions!

Bar Harbor Maine

Known for its lobster ice-cream, the little seaside town of Bar Harbor was in colonial times the town of choice for the wealthy, and it’s today a cozy place for all to enjoy a relaxing family vacation.
Beautiful Places to visit in New England
You can visit Bar Harbor Maine all year long, especially in autumn when weather is cool and scenery is most beautiful.

Bar Harbor boasts stunning natural beauty, as well a lovely waterfront, which is home to fine restaurants and museums, as well as a beautiful historic district filled with beautiful summer cottages.

Burlington Vermont

Burlington is a lively town located in a region that also boasts great natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor activities all year long.

Burlington is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in the US as it sits on a hill overlooking the majestic Lake Champlain where you can enjoy water based activities like boating and fishing.

Burlington Vermont also has a lovely college town feel being home to the University of Vermont right in town, and a beautiful pedestrian district, which is filled with historic buildings and lovely boutique shops.

Oshkosh Wisconsin

The town of Oshkosh is another beautiful American town which is located between Lake Butte Des Morts and Lake Winnebago where you can enjoy plenty of water activities like boating and fishing.
Most Beautiful Towns in the US

On the face of it, Oshkosh is a small Midwestern town but it boasts lots of historic places and historic homes that you can tour on the annual historic tour of Oshkosh Historic Buldings.

There are also lots of entertainment opportunities and things to do in Oshkosh Wisconsin such as attending the popular EAA’s annual air show.

Port Townsend Washington State

Port Townsend isn’t just a pretty town! PT, as most people know it, it’s a wonderful and historic seaport town that boasts some of the best preserved Victorian homes in the US, and best vistas of the Olympic Peninsula.
Most Beautiful Towns in the US

Port Townsend is also home to the historic Fort Worden State Park, historic neighborhoods and a historic waterfront district, all of which you can explore on guided tours.

If you have the pleasure to visit Port Townsend Washington State you’ll understand why Port Townsend is one of the most beautiful towns in the US.

Astoria Oregon

Know as the filming location for the movies Free Willy and The Goonies, Astoria is a charming town that boasts picturesque Victorian architecture and a historic column (Astoria Column) which offers memorable views of the town and the Columbia River.
Most Beautiful Towns in the US

If you enjoy walking tours, you’ll love exploring Astoria’s downtown core on foot as it is dotted with many historic homes, which pre-date the 20th century.

Astoria's downtown area is also home to many fine dining restaurants and hotels, and many specialty shops.

Taos New Mexico

Taos is a charming old town nestled on the west side of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.
Most Beautiful Towns in the US

Taos isn’t just one of the smallest towns in the US, but it’s also one of the oldest settlements in the US being built in the 14th century by the indigenous peoples.

Taos New Mexico boasts lots of native culture and colonial heritage that blends beautifully and giving the town of Taos its distinctive and unique feel.

Monterey California

Monterey is another lovely seaside town located along the beautiful Californian coast that has to be included on our list of most beautiful towns in the US.
Most Beautiful Towns in the US

Monterey boasts a rich colonial heritage that translates today in beautiful architecture and many historic landmarks such as Fisherman’s Wharf, which is one of the best places in Monterey to spot sea lions.

Besides exploring this historic town, you can enjoy other fun attractions such as visiting the renown Monterey Bay Aquarium, which you simply can’t miss visiting when in town!

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