Interesting places to visit in Nebraska

Are you looking for interesting places to visit in Nebraska?

Interesting places to visit in Nebraska
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nebraska
Nebraska is known as the land of corn and cattle, boasting large empty spaces but you’d be surprised to learn that Nebraska isn’t just cornfields and cowboy towns. Nebraska boasts, in fact, many historic landmarks such as forts, pristine state parks and cultural attractions such as the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum which is built over Interstate 80.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation to enjoy a slower space of live, Nebraska is one of the best vacation spots in the Midwest.


First on my list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska it’s the city of Lincoln which is the capital city of Nebraska. Lincoln is a great starting point for a vacation in Nebraska because of the variety of things to see and do.

If you’re interested in marveling architecture and enjoying history tours, don’t mist visiting the Nebraska State Capitol. The Capitol boasts stunningly beautiful architecture, as well as free guided tours that include a visit to the top-floor observation deck.

Lincoln also boasts a Children’s Zoo and a Children’s Museum which a fun places to take the family for a day out.


Located between the cities of Lincoln and Omaha, the town of Ashland is another place you'd want to add to the list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska because of the Strategic Air and Space Museum. If you’ve been to other aviation museums such as the Tulsa Air & Space Museum in Oklahoma, you’d love the look and feel of the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland.

This museum is actually one of the finest military aviation museums in the states because of the extensive range of military aircrafts. Even though, if planes aren’t your cup of tea, the Strategic Air and Space Museum makes for a fun day out with the kids.


If you’re traveling to Nebraska for an autumn vacation or a leaf-peeping tour, be sure to add the town of Ponca to the list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska. The town of Ponca is just 6 miles from the Ponca State Park which is one of the best places to see fall foliage in Nebraska.

Not only, you can enjoy the fall foliage during your vacation, but if you travel to Ponca during the last week of October, you can attend the popular Hallowfest for Halloween event and enjoy contests such as pumping carving and fun games.

Niobrara State Park

Niobrara State Park is located by the Nebraska-South Dakota border and it is another of the interesting places to visit in Nebraska, simply because of the beautiful views from the bluffs. The park is actually located high on the valley so it allows to get stunning views of the Missouri River.
Most Beautiful Places in Nebraska
If you do plant to explore this area, or even explore southern Dakota, I’d suggest booking in one of the cabin rentals available at the Niobrara State Park. That way, you can enjoy all the natural attractions that park offers, as well as activities such as hiking through the nature trails while enjoying wildlife spotting.

Fort Robinson

If you’re a history buff, be sure to add Fort Robinson to the list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska.

Fort Robinson is located within Fort Robinson State park, near the border with Wyoming in the town of Crawford, and it’s a great example of a late 19th century confederate fort. The fort features the typical barracks, which are now turned into cabin rentals, a museum with interesting exhibits, as well as other interesting historic buildings such as a blacksmith shop and the officer’s quarters that you can visit.

Fort Atkinson State Historic Park

Fort Atkinson is located right on the Nebraska-Iowa border and it’s another of the interesting places to visit in Nebraska that you don’t want to miss during your vacation in the state.

Apart from being a National Historic Landmark, one of the main reasons Fort Atkinson is such as amazing place to visit it is that you can enjoy live traditional-craft demonstrations and Civil War re-enactments every weekend.

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